Project Apps

CloseToMe Reads an analogue ultrasonic proximity sensor and displaying GO/SLOW/STOP. A threshhold distance for stop can be adjusted with the C and D buttons. An output signal is activated when it is safe to proceed. The Green, Orange, and Red LEDs are used as a traffic light.
Pulse Measures and displays a pulse waveform using a Heart Rate Sensor
SeeTemp SeeTemp acts as an on-demand IR thermometer that you point and press button B to read. Readings are logged as they occur
SpeedTrap This is a timing gate triggered by the object whose speed is being measured cutting off the light being detected by an ambient light sensor. IR Tx/Rx peripherals can also be used.
WeatherHere A local weather station reading temperature, absolute humidity and wind speed
SenseAnlg This is a generic Sense app for analogue signals. It senses the analogues signal(s), scales them 0-100 and logs them periodically as given by the Kappconfig interval parameter, and also whenever the signals change significantly (by 5). Logging is responsive to signal changes faster than the logging interval. The signal reading interval is 500msecs, a compromise between fidelity and data volume. Use SenseRx to receive the data via radio, or retrieve the SenseAcc.csv file from the Kookaberry’s memory, or use GraphCSV to produce a directly viewable HTML graph using a web browser.
SenseLight Measures, logs, and transmits the Lux level of ambient light after simple calibration against a range of lighting conditions
SenseLUX Same measurement of ambient as DF0026 sensor used in SenseLight app BUT sends calibrated LUX values to Kookaberry.
SenseSDS Measures the mass of 2.5 and 10 micrometer Particulate Matter (PM) particles in air
SenseUVI The sensor detects 200-370nm wavelength UV light and gives an analogue output proportional to the UVindex between 0-1V. Its calibration data is given on this wiki page.