DC Fan

A peripheral for use with the Kookaberry

The DFRobot DC Fan Module is an OUTPUT device. It is essentially a DC motor (with brushes) plus a propeller.

It is a digital device because it is switched on and off by a digital signal (0 or 1).

  • Working Voltage:3~5V
  • Working Temperature:-20~85℃
  • Speed (no load):15000 rpm
  • Speed (6V):8000 rpm
  • Current (6V):40mA
  • Stall current (6V):360mA
  • Torque (6V):0.111kg/cm
  • Size: 36*27*13 mm(1.42*1.06*0.51″)
  • Weight: 22g

How does it work?

This module is assumed to use an inexpensive dc motor which uses brushes. Check out this tutorial on how this type of DC motor works – courtesy of MAGLAB.

Motors and servos without a transistor protection circuit should not be connected directly to the signal wire of the Kookaberry (or any microcontroller) as the current drain might damage their chips.

This DFRobot fan module has a transistor circuit mounted on the board which connects the motor to Vcc (the Kookaberry’s operating voltage) when it receives a High signal (digital 1) on the signal wire. The electrical circuit is located behind the Schematic button on the sidebar.

It’s speed can be controlled using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) on the signal wire.. Check out the description of PWM in the Dimmer app.

Where are they used?

These tiny motors are used in toys and hobby projects. They run at high speed but with low torque (rotational power).

When fitted with gears – which reduces the speed but increases the torque -they are used in robotics.

For more information on the various types of motors used in robotics check out this tutorial

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Output Type:

Supply Voltage:3.3 to 5v

Brand:DF Robot

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