Tutorial: AustSTEM Journey Class Kit

A learning plan for the Kookaberry

Developed by
John Phillips
The AustSTEM Foundation

This Tutorial introduces you to the Class Kit supporting AustSTEM’s STEM Experiential Learning Journey (the STEM Journey). It describes what is in the Kit; where to find relevant Tutorials; and provides examples of what you can do with the Kookaberry straight out of the box.

Your best resource – which will improve over time with your feedback – is the Kookaberry website where you will find descriptions of all our Apps and Peripherals and extensive Tutorials in our Learning Plans section.

Do you have all the bits and pieces?

  1. Check that you have two boxes:
    1. A big black Tactix box containing Kookaberries, leads, batteries, a battery charge and a set of temperature probes.
    2. A clear plastic box containing an assortment of peripherals.
  2. Check that the numbers of components in each box matches the number on the laminated index sheets in each box.

Is all the documentation and a flash drive there?

The following documents and a flash drive should have been included as hard copy in the big box when first delivered. All the documents can be downloaded from the sidebar to the right

Tutorial: Class Kit

This is a pdf of this Tutorial

Welcome to the STEM Journey

This one-page document welcomes teachers to the STEM Journey and provides instruction on how to register themselves on the Kookaberry website. This will allow them to post replies and comments on the various Learning Plan, App and Peripheral webpages.

Things to do with your Kookaberry

This document instructs teachers how to turn their Kookaberry on, and suggests some fun things (and some serious ones) to get them started using the Kookaberry straight out of the Class Kit box..

No internet or WiFi access is needed to operate a Kookaberry, and no coding skills will be required. Only a few Apps will require connection to a peripheral.

Kookaberry Poster

This Hi-res poster can be used a class resource when explaining the features of the Kookaberry

Flash Drive

The flash drive contains an electronic copy of the above documents plus zipped files of the following. These can also be downloaded from the Kookaberry website from within the appropriate Tutorials.

  • KookaSuite downloads for both a Windows PC and a Mac
  • Basic Apps and library files preloaded onto the USB memory of the Class Kit Kookaberries
  • Basic Extra Apps that need to be loaded manually into the Kookaberry’s USB memory


Click on the Headings to link to the Tutorials. They can all be found in the Learning Plans section of the Kookaberry website.

Installing Apps on your Kookaberry

This tutorial provides detail on the three Apps sets available for the Kookaberry, and demonstrates how to install them on your Kookaberry using both a Windows PC or a Mac.

Installing KookaSuite on your Windows PC

This tutorial demonstrates how to download the KookaSuite folder to a Windows PC.

Installing KookaSuite on your Mac

This tutorial demonstrates how to download the KookaSuite folder to a Mac computer.

Getting Started

This tutorial demonstrates how to turn the Kookaberry on, run an app and configure its ID and other parameters.

Getting started with KookaBlockly

This tutorial provides a very basic, hands-on, introduction to the KookaBlockly graphical software. It assumes a basic knowledge of similar screen-based programmes such as Scratch.

Making 3D printed handles

This tutorial provides all the information necessary to print your own 3D handle for a Kookaberry

Exploring the Kookaberry

Whilst not strictly a tutorial, this webpage describes the components on the Kookaberry board in detail. A pdf of the introductory graphic can be downloaded from the sidebar to the right.

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