Installing & managing Apps on your Kookaberry

A learning plan for the Kookaberry

Developed by
John Phillips
The AustSTEM Foundation


This Tutorial describes how to install and manage Apps on your Kookaberry.

The Apps on a Kookaberry are written in MicroPython (a smaller version of Python), and contain all the instructions to to allow the Kookaberry to work as intended by the App.

This Tutorial describes how to download and install Apps to both Windows and Mac computers from this website.

It is recommended that the Tutorial Managing the Kookaberry’s Memory  be read before downloading, installing, or managing apps

App Sets

Apps currently available (August 2021) have been sorted into three sets as follows. Click on the link in the titles to see what apps are in a particular set.

  • Class Kit Preload: These are apps that are preloaded onto Kookaberries prior to shipping – either individually or in a Class Kit. The Class Kit set includes not only all the apps that use the peripherals included in a Class Kit, but also all the files in the “lib” folder required by all current apps – not just those in the Class Kit Preload folder – and the Kookapp.cfg file in the root directory.
  • Class Kit Basic Extras: The number of Apps that can be installed on the Kookaberry is large, but installing too many makes the Menu too complicated. Apps which use the peripherals in the Class Kit, but have NOT been included in the preloaded set have been grouped into this set.
  • Project Apps: There are many Apps that have been developed for projects and special purposes, but whose peripherals have not been included in the Class Kit. The peripherals can be obtained locally or by arrangement through AustSTEM.

Installing and managing App Sets on your Windows PC

Class Kit Preload (Windows PC))


Installing and managing App Sets on your Mac

Class Kit Preload (Mac)

Download the folder from the sidebar to the right. It will download and extract the following files into your downloads folder. It is slightly different from the other Class Kit Preload  for a Windows PC because an additional file ( has been added to delete to clean up the Kookaberry Menu files following their journey through the Mac’s operating system.

Connect a Kookaberry to your Mac’s USB port and open its drive  by clicking on its icon. Delete its content as you are going to replace it with the latest versions of all its Preload Class Kit files and folders. Select the entire content of the Class Kit Preload (Mac) folder and copy it to the Kookaberry USB memory.


Now eject the Kookaberry, disconnect, and the reconnect to finish the download process. Turn the Kookaberry over and check the blue flashing LED. Don’t remove the Kookaberry until it stops. Download is then complete.


Adding Apps

Check what apps you need by clicking through on these links – Class Kit Basic Extras and Project Apps – and then download the App set containing them from the zip files in the sidebar to the right.

Connect your Kookaberry to your Mac; double click on the drive icon on your desktop and open the app folder to check what Apps are already in the memory. Select the additional ones you need from the downloaded App set and move these to the Kookaberry’s app folder.



Now eject the Kookaberry by right clicking on the drive icon. Disconnect and the reconnect to save the new files to the Kookaberry’s memory. The blue LED on the back of the board will flash during the saving process – do not disconnect until it has finished flashing.


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