Class Kit Preload Apps

_Config Shows latest firmware version and sets basic Kookaberry parameters – ID, Radio Channel and data logging interval
Alarm Detects an input from a peripheral that is indicative of a door or lid opening, an object being lifted off a pedestal, or motion. After inut has been detected for a variable length of time an alarm perupheral is activated
Analogue A varying analogue input on P4 is converted to a stream of binary bits by an in-built Analogue to Digital Converter (ADC) and the value (as a percentage of the 3.3v voltage at P4) displayed on a vertical histogram on the screen. Pin P2 is activated (sent from 0 to 3.3v) when a preset percentage of the input voltage is reacehed. A light bulb icon on the screen is also activated.
BalanceMe Egg and Spoon emulator for Balance lesson with logging to a CSV file
GraphCSV Turns CSV files created from logged data into html format for direct display in a web browser
LightMe Measures and logs the level of ambient light and activates an output peripheral (an LED) when light level drops below a preset level.
ListenLog Teacher’s app that listens for radio messages (eg from CountMe) and writes them to a file
Semaphore Sends and receives one of three signals over the radio: a wave, a like, and a digital output
WaterMe Measures soil moisture and controls a pump to deliver water if dry
FeedMe An interactive text based app which writes Feed Me to the screen and expresses satisfaction on Exit. Used as an example app when introducing coding via a text based editor such as KookaIDE.
KookaSplash Animated kookaburra jumping over the word “kookaberry”. Example of Kookaberry screen animation. Code can be analysed via KookaIDE
SenseDHT Measures, logs and broadcasts temperature and humidity using a DHT11 or DHT22 sensor
SenseDS18 Measures, logs, and bradcasts temperature using a DS18B20 one wire digital temperature sensor.
SenseRx This program listens to the packet radio, and displays messages received. The program records what it receives to file in SenseRxLog.csv in the root directory.. It is intended to be used with the SenseXXX apps that measure and log various sensors
Lander A retro game where you have to bring a lunar lander onto a randomly placed launch pad using the buttons to vary the vertical and horizontal thrusts whilst conserving fuel
MusicDemo Plays a selection of musical tunes from micro:bit music library
ReTimer Measures reaction time by pressing Button B after the three LED lights go out.
RockPaperScissors Play Rock Paper Scissors against the Kookaberry
Binary Numbers A decimal to binary number conversion demonstration and puzzle setter
Fractions101 Displays proper fractions & compares their relative sizes and adds/subtracts them
Logic Implements a selection of logic gates between digital inputs and a digital output
MoveMusic Plays C Major Scale musical notes using gestures tracked by the accelerometer.
Metronome A simulated metronome for providing music tempo. Touch senor is optional
COLOUR Pixel Changes the colour of a RGB LED (neopixel) by varying the intensity of each RGB element
Essentials All library (lib) files