The STEM Experiential Learning Journey

The STEM Experiential Learning Journey is a service offered by the AustSTEM Foundation to equip teachers and their students from Stage 3 to Stage 6 with the necessary skills to recognise, organise, evaluate, and use the data that is increasingly part of our everyday life.

Stages of the Journey

Students' Evidential Skills Development

By taking the STEM Experiential Learning Journey students will develop the practical skills to assess and
draw conclusions based on real-world evidence and be able to apply those skills in novel situations.
These analytical skills are essential pre-requisites for successful lives and careers in our knowledge-based society.


Starting the Journey

The first step is for your school to purchase at least one kit of 15 Kookaberries which includes all the accessories and sensors to enhance most lesson plans and units of work.

The next step is for at least two teachers (one to back up the other) to become accredited Kookaberry teachers through participation in an individual self-paced online video tutorial. The tutorial will provide at least 4 hours of NESA endorsed professional learning hours and will include online access to a Kookaberry tutor. [This tutorial is currently under development]

The accreditation tutorial will familiarise teachers with the operation of the Kookaberry and website features, and will guide them through its use in a sample lesson plan. Teachers will be required to submit their own sample lesson plan to achieve accreditation.

AustSTEM Delivery and Support Roadmap

Support along the Journey

This Kookaberry website will be continually updated and augmented though the addition of Apps and Lesson plans submitted both by AustSTEM and third parties.

Extension kits are being developed as used as a resource in support of Module 12: Design for Space, of the Stage 5 iSTEM syllabus Other resource kits will be developed in response to demand.

Additional online tutorials covering coding and other advanced features are in the planning stage.

Download a pdf of the Journey here→