CountMe App

This is a totaliser application which counts key presses on an attached keyboard. It can be used to total up the items in a school lunch box belonging in the five food categories.

The results from each individual Kookaberry are stored in the Kooklog.csv file for retrieval and analysis on a PC.

It is intended that once the results have been saved, they are broadcast for reception on all the other Kookaberries being used in the lesson. These results will be stored on the Kooklog files of all the Kookaberries. This will enable the teacher to upload a complete class set of results from any one Kookaberry for display and analysis.


Analog ADKeyboard Module V2 DFR0075


The keyboard has 5 coloured keys: Y G B R W. Controls are provided to Exit, Reset, Pause, and Save the totals to the Kooklog.csv file

    • Plug the keypad into plug P4
    • Press Button B to restore a clear count on the screen (all zeros)
    • Operate the keys in accordance with the lesson plan.
    • Press Button C to pause and restore counting [pressing keys will not result in a count during Pause period]
    • Press Button D to save the total count to the Kooklog.csv file when finished
    • The Kooklog Excel file in the USB drive store can be uploaded to a PC for analysis


[Under development] When the total count is Saved the result will be broadcast for automatic reception by all other Kookaberries in use. These counts will be tagged with the recipient’s ID and added to the local Kooklog file



  1. Import initial conditions from the Kappconfig.txt file via the file
  2. Create the analog input for the keypad and turn off radio to conserve power
  3. Read the keyboard and identify individual key presses
  4. Identify Reset and Pause commands
  5. Total the key presses for each key during the counting period
  6. Write the total counts for each key to the Kooklog.csv file.
John Phillips