Kappconfig and Data Log files

Kappconfig file

The Kappconfig file is a text file that contains variable data needed by apps such as

  • the name of the person using the Kookaberry.
  • data logging sampling interval (seconds)
  • Name of data logging file used by SenseXXX apps
  • radio parameters such as Channel number, date transmission rate (Baud); and power

All of these text variables, including the Kookaberry's name can be changed manually by simply opening up the Kappconfig file from within the USB drive; editing it; and then saving it. Refer to the Tutorial - Getting Started for how to do this.

There will generally be no requirement to change anything other than Name, Surname, and Intv.



Data logging files

The Kookaberry stores its logged or received data in an Excel.csv file in the Root directory of its USB memory. 

Various names are applied to these files depending upon their source eg,

  • Listenlog.csv  for data received when running the ListenLog app
  • SenseDHTlog for data logged when running the SenseDHT app

These log files remain in the Root directory until they are either manually deleted or overwritten the next time that particular app is run.

A log file can be uploaded directly into Excel on a connected computer for display and analysis.

NOTE: It is good practice to copy the uploaded Excel file to another location on your computer; close the File index; and disconnect the Kookaberry from the computer.

This avoids the unlikely event of USB memory corruption if the Kookaberry is disconnected whilst in the middle of transferring data between itself and Excel.