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What is STEM?
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What is the Kookaberry?

It is a little computer (a microcontroller) with a screen; battery; handle; and a menu of pre-coded applications and accompanying peripherals (sensors and control elements).

It is the platform powering the immersive  STEM Experiential Learning Journey  which will provide teachers with the necessary training and skills to bring the digital world to life in their classrooms.

Teachers and their students will learn how to capture, display, and analyse the data that is shaping every aspect of our daily lives.

The Kookaberry is designed and made in Australia.

It is simple to use, requires no coding experience, Internet, or WiFi, and brings the Internet of Things and real-world data into project-based learning throughout the curriculum.

It makes data accessible......

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The STEM Experiential Learning Journey

The STEM Experiential Learning Journey is a programme developed by the AustSTEM Foundation to equip teachers and their students from Stage 3 to Stage 6 with the necessary skills to recognise, organise, evaluate, and use the data that is increasingly part of our everyday life.

It is based upon the Kookaberry and students can customise existing code, or create new code, using the KookaSuite code editors. They can start with the KookaBlockly graphical code editor before moving to the KookaIDE text based, MicroPython, editor. 


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Use across the curriculum

Current technology education tools are difficult to use outside of the technology classroom or maker spaces due to the time to set up; complicated connections; and the need to code them to achieve their intended purpose.

The Kookaberry overcomes these issues. and demonstrates how easy it is to understand the underlying technology and coding involved.

Current lesson plans and apps have been gathered into Tutorials relevant to a given subject. The first such Tutorial is for Music

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It's all about data

The Kookaberry can measure, display, and store continuously changing real world data both inside and outside the classroom.

Instant data that will make Science, Mathematics and many other subjects exciting and relevant to the real world

Data can be transmitted from multiple Kookaberries using different sensors to a teacher's Kookaberry over their packet radios for analysis and display as a single Excel file.


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Living in the digital world

The Kookaberry is a digital system like the digital systems that send a signal to the driver if their car is too close to the car in front; or a burglar alarm.....

When used in combination with its lesson plans, apps, peripherals, and projects, the Kookaberry brings the Internet of Things and real world of data alive in the classroom.


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            ACARA Technologies Curriculum

Supporting the  curriculum

The Kookaberry supports teachers in delivering national and state science and technologies education outcomes.

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         NSW Science & Technology Syllabus

Integrated learning

Digital systems are now a part of everyday life, and every subject that is taught can benefit from using at least some of the technology that we take for granted outside of the classroom.

The Kookaberry's ability to quickly turn itself into many different tools makes it easy to use in subjects across the curriculum.


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STEM progression and mentoring

The Kookaberry learning platform can be seen as a bridge seamlessly connecting primary and secondary STEM teaching and learning.

Students in Stage 5 (years 9 and 10), can give purpose to their practical technology studies by designing Kookaberry apps and projects for students in Stages 2 and 3 (years 3 to 6) and then mentoring them in their use.


Made in Australia to support the Australian Curriculum

The Kookaberry has been designed, developed, and is being made in Australia

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Learning plans

Learning plans include everything that can contribute to the use of a Kookaberry for teaching and learning. Contributions by users will be both welcome and helpful to others.

They can be lesson plans; units of work; tutorials; experiments; workshops; projects or anything else considered useful by a contributor.

They will be mapped to curriculum outcomes and can be searched by Type, Learning Area and Year.

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Pre-programmed applications (apps) ensure that relevant data, measurements, or specific activities such as servo or pump controls, are available as soon as an app is selected; peripherals are connected; and the app is run.

They are mapped to both Learning Plans and Peripherals, and can be searched by Category (Energy; Motion; Fun/Games; etc).

Contributions by users will be both welcome and helpful to others.


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Plug-and-play peripherals include input devices such as sensors, keyboards, push buttons, potentiometers, and switches; and output devices such as loudspeakers, buzzers, servos, pumps, heaters, and relays.

They are mapped against Apps and can be searched by Output Type (analogue or digital); Type (Climate; Motion; Temperature; etc); Voltage; and Brand.

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MicroPython Code Editors

AustSTEM commissioned the creator of MicroPython, Damien George, to write both a text based (KookIDE) and a graphical based (KookaBlockly) editor for the MicroPython code which runs on the Kookaberry.

They both sit in a KookaSuite folder installed on a teacher's PC. This is accordance with the "no-internet" design criterium.

The KookaSuite folder also contain a Teachers' Window app which mirrors the screen of a Kookaberry connected to a PC.



Read the article featured in the Warren Centre's magazine, The Prototype:

Kookaberry: Shaping the Future of STEM


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The AustSTEM Foundation

The AustSTEM Foundation is a not-for-profit charity whose long term aim is to increase the number of students electing to study higher level STEM subjects from Year 9 onwards.

AustSTEM is funding the development of the Kookaberry digital learning platform.

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